Case Studies

Aiti Kirsani's Story:
Aiti Kirsani does not know how old he is. He is a widower belonging to the Gadaba tribe. He has been a landless labourer all his life and brought up his family by working on other people's fields. However, as he got older his eyesight began to deteriorate. Progressively he was able to see and do less work. His son and his family began to become impatient and can barely look after him. When our community development officers found him he was always lying down in once place, too afraid to move, with no one to help him or care for him. On screening he was found to have bilateral cataracts. However, his family was most reluctant to do anything to help him. 'He is just waiting for death' they claimed.

The CDO repeatedly visited their family, counseling, explaining cataract surgery and motivating them by telling them success stories. At last the patient and family agreed to send him with the CDO. He was brought to Asha Kiran Hospital where he was provided with food and looked after till the cataract surgery was performed. The surgery was a complete success and Aita had his vision back.

Such a small surgery, such a small step - but for Aita it was like receiving his life back again. When asked he says joyfully, "when I was helpless the hospital was a like a parent to me; when I was rejected they accepted me; when I had no hope they gave me a new hope for life." Now Aita is back with his family. He contributes to their income by looking after the village's herd of cows. He strides confidently around his village motivating other cataract patients to visit the hospital!

Soma's Story:
Soma, a 7 year old boy belonging to the Bonda tribe of Malkangiri was walking with his drunken father on a rough road in the Bonda hill. The father slipped and fell, breaking a liquor bottle and Soma who was following, fell on a piece of glass which pierced his stomach. He looked down to see his stomach bleeding and a piece of flesh pushed out. Though he spoke to his father about it, his father was oblivious to everything in his drunken state. After walking for 6 kms they reached home. Despite the pain, brave Soma tried to sleep beside his father who slept peacefully.

At dawn, Soma looked in horror as his whole intestine was hanging out. Now the father sat up and took notice of his son! He was brought to Asha Kiran’s peripheral clinic in the Bonda hills. Since he needed surgery, the staff transported him by bike to Asha Kiran Hospital, Lamtaput which is about 100 kms away and he was operated on. Soma lives today to narrate the horrendous experience he had years ago. The staff of Asha Kiran staying in the Bonda hills experience these kinds of cases regularly.

Dama Chalan's Story:
Dama Chalan is a farmer from Panasput village in Lamtaput block. There are five members in his family. He owns around 10 acres of land. He used to grow paddy, ragi and niger from which the family used to subsist. Then Asha Kiran agriculture CDOs began to visit the village his village. He learned about soil conversation, land fertility restoration work, organic methods of farming, multi-cropping as well as growing fruit trees etc.

In his own words - "After acquiring training, firstly in once acre of plot, I made a live green fence boundary and grew lemon, mango, guava, silver oak, acacia, amla, sandalwood, teak, banana, tapioca, beans, potatoes, chilli, brinjal, ginger, tumeric, tur dal, long beans etc. I could get a good yield from even a small size plot of land and also the fertility of the soil in my plot got enhanced in a period of two years. After observing this, I decided this year to extend this same practice into another acre of my farm land. I made live green fence. In that too, I wanted to plant more fruit trees as well as cash crops and make use of mixed farming practices. In the days to come, I would like to have my model farm of 2 acres and have a production amounting upto Rs. 1,00,000 or Rs. 1,50,000. Through this I believe that I will be able to enhance the status of my family members upto the next generation which are my grandchildren too."