Community Development

Community Development:

Ambapada is a medium size village of Guneipada gram panchayat, comprise of two different people groups living together; Mali (51%), and Gadaba (41%) out of 56 houses. The main problem is its village road, which connects to the main road. Village people use to talk dejectedly about their own road “25 years old cow jaws are still laying on our road still.” This visualises the condition of their village road.

One fine day it happened that Podmanab, our community development officer (CDO) visited Block Development Office at Lamtaput for self help group (SHG) work, and he was taken for surprise when he saw the list of roads that were made or repaired in 2001, and it showed that that new road was made in Ambapada. Podmanab enquired about it in BDO office and he informed the villagers about this road that is falsely represented in the records as completed. He also motivated them to bring this issue to the notice of respected officials as soon as possible, if not they may have to wait for twenty-five more years to get a better road. Soon the village's health & development committee (HDC) and other groups met together to discuss about the issue. Next day itself they met the Sarapancha and he couldn’t escape them, because he is the outgoing Sarapancha and panchayat elections were ahead. This issue became an important matter to discuss in the 'block level' meeting. The villagers along with Podmanab approached the Block Chairman and Govt. officials to make sure that their village roadwork can be done. Within a week many local politicians and officials visited the site and held meetings with the community. Finally roadwork was started as Food For Work. One person from each house was given the opportunity to work and it was completed within the prescribed time period.

The Health & Development committee (HDC) is empowered to take initiation on various developmental issues. Our CDO, Podmanab was filled with joy and encouragement to continue to create awareness and bring about a change in the community through the Health & Development Committees (HDCs) and Self Help Groups (SHGs).