Our People

The most important resource of any organization is its personnel. Without the right people no organization can live up to its potential.

Asha Kiran Society believes in and practices the following:

  1. The Asha Kiran Society believes that God brings people to the organisation and that all are created in the image of God.
  2. The Asha Kiran Society holds the principle that the workers are more important than the work. Therefore, AKS is primarily concerned with the staff’s physical condition, and mental, emotional, and spiritual growth.
  3. The Asha Kiran Society encourages the development of close community life in the staff. This is enabled by activities like Shramadan (Working together- Second Friday afternoon), Drishtipato (learning together- third Friday afternoon) and so on.
  4. The Asha Kiran Society provides medical care and an education allowance for staff and their families.
  5. The Asha Kiran Society offers sabbatical leave for the staff after 6 years of work.
  6. The Asha Kiran Society encourages staff to pursue higher studies for the mutual benefit of the staff and the Society, and encourages staff to take residential or distant education courses.