History of Asha Kiran Society

History of Asha Kiran Society

The history of the beginnings of the Asha Kiran Society of Lamtaput is written here as we hope this story will inspire individuals or groups who want to make a difference in the society around them; to realize that most enterprises have small beginnings; that faithfulness to a cause and selflessness are more important than capital investment and talents; and that vision and enthusiasm accompanied by hard work go a long way towards achieving a positive change in the places where we live and work.

Story of God's faithfulness

The community at AKS, Lamtaput has been living and working together since 1991. The following story is an account of the happenings that lead to what is now a movement. It is important that the right perspective be kept as a community and that the work in Asha Kiran be seen as a working of God's purposes in Lamtaput and that each of the individuals who make up the work at Asha Kiran are part of this work of God. It is hoped that this document will focus on God as he alone deserves all honor for the happenings here. |Read More

The Asha Kiran Hospital - Small Beginnings

From the initial days of struggling in a rented mud hut for the hospital and cramped accommodation, it was evident that we could not function this way for long. With help from many who gave sacrificially and organizations like AGEAS (doctor's fellowship of Switzerland though Dr. Immanuel Pfaehler and Dr. Kuruvilla George of EMFI) Samaritan Helps of India (SHI - Dr. Wai and Mrs. Rose) and two widows from Germany (through Dr. P. Zach and R. Wagner Germany), Asha Kiran was able to move to a piece of land two kilometers from Lamtaput and establish a 42-bed hospital and some living quarters.

Over time, Asha Kiran was led to diversify more as the needs of the surrounding tribes seemed to be more than what a health care facility could provide. EFICOR helped to start an Oriya literacy project was undertaken with partnership with EFICOR. Rev Dino Thouthang and his wife Dr Darley stayed with the team for over a year helping with the work in Lamtaput. With the help of Dr. Nalini Abraham by the year 1995 we were able to present a Primary Health Care Project to the Danish Embassy. We obtained a grant for a fully equipped 30-bed base hospital and also to develop a network of Community Health Workers, in the 220 villages of the Block. This gave major impetus to the medical work. Laurie Baker' a renowned architect came to Lamtaput on many occasions and gave Asha Kiran's buildings the shape and character that they now portray. Ashita, who is an architect, came to see the work and then stayed on as a staff member. She was instrumental in setting up 'Terra Firma', the low-cost construction consultancy unit of Asha Kiran.

Other Work

It soon became apparent that merely medical work was not enough to bring about the desired improvements in the tribal living conditions. As a result the team diversified into community health and development, adult literacy, children education and agriculture. God continued to bring dedicated people to join the team.

As the years have passed the team has changed. Original founding members have left but others have joined to take their place bringing a fresh vision and enthusiasm to the work. The team is expanding and growing with more and more locals joining in the staff and working among their own people.

The team is expanding and growing with more and more locals joining in the staff and working among their own people.

It would be a huge document to write about each member of the team who is or was with us. Detailed documentation may be seen in the newsletters. Asha Kiran believes that each staff member is brought to us by God and the work that is going on is a "work of God"

                                                                                                To be done according to His purposes,
                                                                                                           To reflect His character,
                                                                                                            To be done in His ways.